Oh no! We are super upset to learn that one of our favourite skaters, Vanessa Torres, has been sidelined with a torn ACL whilst filming for her part in ‘Quit Your Day Job’ and will be unable to compete in the SLS Super Crown Women’s competition tomorrow. 

“I suffered a full ACL tear filming for the Quit Your Day Job video, but am thrilled to announce that I completed a full part that I am damn proud of, and can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Vanessa will still be a part of the SLS Women’s event this weekend, as an on-camera announcer. 

With Vanessa unable to compete, Aori Nishimura will be skating in her place in the Women’s competition this weekend. Just 15yrs old from Tokyo, Japan, Aori currently skates for Deathwish, Shake Junt, Oakley, and Murasaki Sports. She placed 8th in the X Games Women’s Street contest in Austin this year and also 2nd in the X Games Women’s Street Qualifiers in Seattle.

If you’ve not seen Aori skate before, have a look at her run from this year’s X Games in Austin, she absolutely kills it!

History was made last October with the introduction of the first SLS Women’s competition at the Super Crown World Championship in Chicago. Eight of the most elite female skaters in the world battled it out for $30K for first place—which was the largest purse given in a female contest in 2015.

The Women will be competing before the Men, on October 2nd 5:20pm local time (LA) – Tune in to the Street League Live Stream over at from 1am Monday morning UK time to watch these ladies compete…
Leticia BufoniVanessa Torres, Pamela Rosa, Lacey Baker, Alana Smith, Alexis Sablone, Mariah Duran, Monica Torres

The Women’s Division starts at 5:20m PT / 8:20 ET / 00:20 GMT

Men’s Division starts at 7:30pm (Local time)

Tune in live at  5:20m PT / 8:20 ET / 00:20 GMT  on


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