What a surprise! 15 yr old ripper Poppy Starr (Vans, Theeve) walked away with first place at the Vans Combi Bowl girls event on Saturday, taking $8,000 for her score of 85.7! Nora Vasconellas (Welcome Skateboards, Converse, RVCA, Spitfire) came in second, missing out by over half a point, bagging $4,000. Third place went to Lizzie Armanto (Vans, Birdhouse, Bones, Independent) with a score of 84.3 so it was a SUPER close top 3 this year! 

Full Pro results are below, and be sure to check out the highlights video below!

4th Place: Brighton Zeuner (11yrs) Prize: $1,400 Score: 84

5th Place: Kisa Nakamura (16yrs)  Prize: $1,200 Score: 82.3

6th Place: Julz Lynn Fullerton

7th Place: Alana Smith (15) 

8th Place: Nicole Hause (18)

9th Place: Amelia Brodka (26) 

10th Place:  Lea Taylor (19)

11th Place: Arianna Carmona (17)  

12th Place: Sarah Thompson (18)

13th Place: Hunter Long (21)

14th Place: Pauline Branom (17)

15th Place: Katherine Folsom    

16th Place: Bia Sodre (22)
For full results from the Amateur and under 15 comps just click here!


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