Days Like These Rider Profile – Camilla Mullins

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting these rider profiles! A minor appendectomy has set me back a week but I’m back in business and the first of our Rider Profiles from Days Like These  from none other than Camilla Mullins sets us off!


Questions by Lucy Adams. Photos by Jenna Selby.

Is Days Like These the first full part you’ve ever worked on?

Yes, this has been the first full video part I have worked on. Generally in the past I have filmed mini parts or just communal sections etc.


How do you feel about being involved in the project?
I was absolutely stoked to be asked by Jenna to be a part of this. We have all probably seen As If And What a few times and it’s great feeling to know that I too have been given the opportunity to maybe inspire other young girls to get into skating or even maybe just psych someone up for their session that day!
Does skating with other females inspire you?

Having grown up in a small town in Italy I was generally the only girl around there who was skating so I never really felt there was a distinction between male and female skaters. Since moving back to the Uk I have found that there are so many rad ladies who shred and it has definitely been inspiring to watch and learn from them. The main difference between skating with guys and girls is that I guess the ladies instil this sense of competitiveness in me that makes me think: ‘Hey – if she can do it then why can’t I?’

Days Like These Images
Any good stories from filming missions that you care to share?
Well it’s not really a good story but the main one is probably that I broke my hip whilst filming my part…Jenna and I popped over to Meanwhile skatepark and Bay66 to get a few filler tricks in and after getting a few tricks down on the ledges we thought I should get warmed up on the rail. Obviously first trick to try was going to be a backside boardsilde to check the wax levels etc and it just so happened that wax was non existent and i got stuck, jumped off my board and planted my feet on the ground quite forcefully (just like anyone else would). As it happened I was going at quite a ridiculous speed, slightly twisted my body and when my feet touched the ground i felt my femur smash through my hip! Unfortunately that put an end to my section so I apologise in advance for the lack of material!
Who’s part are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to everyones parts to be honest. All of the girls have such different styles of skating that its always fun to see any of their sessions! Gun to my head though I have to admit I’m quite excited for Julia’s part as she is a shredder and a good friend. I guess I’m also very excited to see what tricks Josie has pulled out of the bag. She is a very strong skater who is developing her own style of skating and has learned to incorporate a lot of originality in her tricks. In my opinion she’s definitely one to keep an eye on!


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