Halloween Spooky Skate Bake Off Edit ONLINE NOW!

Last week saw the Girl Skate UK x Rogue Skateboards x Rokeo Girls Skate event for this years Halloween Party. The all night jam kicked off in St Albans at 9pm at Pioneer, the oldest skatepark in the UK, and went on through the night.
Those in attendance were Rogue riders Jenna Selby, Georgie Winter and Dora Horvath, OG Skaters Laura Goh & Kerri Dennis, alongside some of the newer faces on the scene including Beth Kerins, Rokeos Rhiannon Searle & Lucy T, amongst others.

Everyone made a huge effort with their outfits (nice ghost costume, Beth!), our favourites were Georgies Dinosaur Onesie (She didn’t survive skating in it for very long… but we bet it came in handy sleeping in the cold skatepark!) Lauras dead German Frau outfit and Jennas Michael Jackson impersonation! But our winner of the night was little 5yr old Nina Julca-Agarwala, who came as a very convincing Skeleton Princess, complete with tiger helmet!

Georgie was pretty stoked to be official judicator of the Bake Off, which was won by Mist with her ‘Mud Pie’ that was so tasty, we did away with the ladle she brought along to eat it with and just dug our fingers straight in!
We’ve got to give some props to Jenna who clearly had the most decorative cake, complete with a topping of chocolate spiders and almond witch fingers stuffed inside. 10/10!

The funniest part of the night had to be the apple bobbing, although in hindsight it probably should’nt have been the first thing we kicked off with as everybody’s face paint just came off straight away! Sorry to Kim who, in her own words “semi drowned” trying to get one of those pesky apples…

Most of us grabbed what blankets we could find and the lucky ones shotgunned sofas around 3am, but it was 13yr old Lucy Tomlin who was the last lady standing in the skatepark, out skating all of us oldies!

We have some of the photos of the night from April Whitlow of Shove It Mag below, and some more soon from Jenna Selby up, so do check back! And don’t forget to watch the edit above! Check out #GSSBAKEOFF on instagram and twitter for some more pics and clips we caught on the night!


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