Sadie Osborne Talks Push The Prom


We can’t thank Skate Girls Productions enough for filming for the Push The Prom event we hosted last weekend alongside Lucy Adams, and the super quick turn around of the edit. Sadie did a great job whilst her partner in crime Rosie was away for the week, and really fulfilled her brief of capturing the fun and carefree day that was had by all.

We caught up with Sadie for a chat on her experience of the day and how she went about filming the event…

“This was my first Go Skate Day where I was involved in something truly moving.

I had travelled 3 hours to Brighton to be a part of Girl Skate UK’s Push the Prom. I automatically felt comfortable with the girls that were already there who organized the event.

The atmosphere was enlightened when more girls arrived at Hove Lagoon. I have never seen so many girl skaters before, It was amazing as very single one of them had a smile on their face. Everyone was helping anyone, whether it was sharing skate news from hometowns or showing each other how to do a trick. 20140627-002427.jpgI wanted to capture every aspect of the day so I went with the idea of shooting through the eyes of an attendee. I felt this was important because then you can really get a feel of what it was like to be there and hopefully get stoked for next year!!
Filming the girls was far from difficult, everyone was so natural around me, never got annoyed at me being in anyone’s way, they welcomed me and helped me out. Sometimes I forgot I was filming when capturing insane tricks they pulled.

The main feeling that I got from the day I can only describe as; Family.
I honestly felt like all the people who attended Push the Prom were like a giant family. A family that you want to be a part of. A coming together of strangers that have just met but instantly click. 20140627-002412.jpg
Any body that skates or just love skating would love this event! This is the place where you can practice new and old tricks, be inspired by other skaters, fall on your ass and not get embarrassed and meet new people who love skateboarding and who will give you their support!

Because I was documenting the day I got the chance to see everything progress and unfold. I got to watch and capture all the emotions and the togetherness of the day. There was never a dull moment. There was endless talent, talent that I have never seen before and now am eager to see more! 20140627-003911.jpgThis is what Skate Girls Productions is all about, giving these girls out there the chance to show what they can do! Also to enlighten people around the world of this hidden talent using media technologies such as video and photography.

Alongside Girl Skate UK we want to show everyone what a fantastic day this was, how it managed to make a difference to all the girls that joined and gave them a day where they could take their passion and show it to the world!
It was truly amazing to watch a group of girls who barley knew each other come together so fluently over a passion they all held. Skateboarding.

I feel privileged to have been given the chance to capture it all.

– Sadie Osborne, one half of Skate Girls Productions

If you missed the edit, check it out here!


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