Good Old British Weather

Yesterday was the official start of the road trips to capture the British girls for my book Concrete Girls coming out in the Autumn 2016.

I travelled to London on the 5am National Express from Hereford to London to meet up with my favourite Spanish skateboarder Carla or Carlita The Gypsy as she is know on social media.

We had planned to go shoot some street in East London, however as always in British skateboarding we were met with rain, cold winds and grey skies. Not ideal for photographing great skate photos.

So to not spoil our day we headed over to Better Extreme where we enjoyed a session messing around and taking a few pictures for Instagram.

Concrete Girls is well under way now with a trip to BCN in June, I’ll be travelling all over the country to visit the girls and as a collective hope to bring you a book we will all cherish for years to come.

This book is a team effort and I hope to do the girls proud and show them as the amazing skateboarders they are!

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