Topshop Skate Shoot Gallery & Footage!

Last month I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be featured on Topshop as their favourite skateboard photographer… At first I was reluctant, as fashion and skateboarding hasn’t had the best partnership in recent fashion shoots however having been in the Topshop and skateboarding family for my whole career I felt it was an honour and my chance to show the fashion industry just how skateboarding really is with some of my favourite women in the sport.

Rianne and Stef and Danni-3024

Stef, Danni and Rianne met me last month at Topshop Head Office where they got to choose from a huge rail of Topshop clothes (every girl’s dream) and have a chat with the online editors.

We started at Front Side Gardens, Hackney Wick which I felt would make the perfect editorial location to showcase British skateboarding, and looks great on camera during the summer months with all the green plants dotted around.

The second day we headed to a gnarly DIY spot built by local BMX’rs where the girls were overwhelmed by the banks and ramps the park had to offer. After 30 minutes warming up we were met with the good old British weather – it hammered it down!

Two hours later we gave up and decided to skate in the rain to get some tricks for Topshop, as we only had that weekend to shoot! To our happiness the sun finally came out and it dried up so we managed to have a full afternoon of gnarly tricks and loads of fun.

Danni-Front Rock Stef-Kick Flip fakie Stef-3382 Rianne-Feeble Fakie Rianne-3422 summer-3523

I had such a great weekend and a huge thank you to Stef, Rianne and Danni for working so hard on this photoshoot true champs and for Topshop showing skateboarding for skateboarding!

Check out the full interview on the Topshop blog here

More images from the weekend can been seen on my website and lifestyle.

– Charlotte Louise Thomas