Summer Is Here

Hereford skatepark is one of the best skateparks in the UK in my opinion, not just because I’m from Hereford (hahaha) but the amount of great things to skate for all levels of skateboarding is fantastic.

I popped home for a week to see the family and headed up to the park last Wednesday to meet up with old friends. It was a perfect sunny day, beers were flowing, tricks were being learnt and improved and new friendships were being formed.

Classic day of skateboarding!

Lily is one of those people I met for the first time, she’s only been skating a couple of weeks and is a natural already cruising the park and transition. We started talking about the girl scene, how amazing it is and how we are all really friendly.

Lily is super keen to head to more girl events this summer, so if you see her give her a warm welcome.

Both Lily and I are keen photographers and are already seeing more girl skateboarders at Hereford skatepark. We are going to organise a girl skate jam this summer, it would be great to see more of you girls down this way to skate this amazing park!

Ok I am slightly bias šŸ™‚

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Here are my photos of Lily chilling in Hereford.

All images copyright – Charlotte Louise Thomas