Patti McGee5Patti McGee was born August 23, 1945, and won the worlds first ever Woman’s National 1965 Skateboard Championships in Santa Monica, and was also the worlds first ever female professional skateboarder!

Her skating career started early when her brother built her first skateboard in wood shop from her own shoe skate as a surprise where she went on to set the world record for the fastest girl on a skateboard at 47mph during Dick Clark’s World Teen Fair 1964 held at the Orange County fairgrounds in California.

Patti just oozes originality & coolness as can be seen in these old photoographs…

Patti McGee was featured on the cover of Life magazine May 14, 1965 and the cover of the fourth issue of Skateboarder in October 1965 and was the first female to ever be inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame!

Patti, you are a skateboarding legend and we wish you many happy birthdays to come!

For more of Patti, check out this vintage footage!

Jordan Serpentini Interview!

We recently hooked up with Hawaiian ladies Jordan Serpentini & Roxzi Bokolas on the last leg of their tour around Europe. Check out what we got upto in this edit, then read our interview with Jordan below!

The 22yr old Mantis United rider talks skate trips, London and the Hawaiian girls skate scene…

I want to hear more about your trip to Europe, so firstly what competitions did you skate?

We skated first in ‘Far N High’ international skate competition South of France, ‘Suck My Trucks’ in Berlin, SOSH Freestyle Cup in Marseille along with watching and skating at Denim Cup in Nimes! I was fortunate enough to podium in almost all of these competitions!

Where else did you visit?

Our trip began in Paris which became somewhat of a home base in a sense to us because we would always stop back in Paris after visiting somewhere new. We ended up going to Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Nimes and London. The coolest part about this trip for me is the fact that we determined where we’re we’re going next solely on skateboarding competitions and staying with girl skaters all over that we had met along the way!

How did you like London?

It was my second time in London because I have a sister Alexia that lives there for school. I always have a great time in London, the people, culture and environment there has always been good to me. There’s are always things going on to do there! The only drawback is that rains a lot so it’s hard to skate sometimes!

What did you think of the UK girl skate scene?

The girls scene in London is amazing! There are so many girls night only sessions and multiple girl skate communities that make it easy to get to know everything that is going on! That’s something I wish we could work on in Hawaii.


And how is the girls scene in Hawaii?

There are definitely girl skaters all over the island but we lack organizations. Roxzi and I skate the most parks I feel like all over the island. We both belong to Wahine On Wheels which means Women on Wheels in Hawaiian. They are basically a group of girl skaters from the university of Hawaii and mostly longboard but they are always down to skate!

Other than that the girls scene in Hawaii definitely needs some extra help because it could be much better if we worked on networking more like here I think. Most girls in Hawaii are surfers that skate when there are no waves but are not as committed and skate as more of a hobby.


So, tell us a bit more about yourself, who is your favourite skater? And what’s your favourite skatepark?

My favorite skater has always been UK rider Geoff Rowley who rides for Flip. He goes so big in street yet he can also kill it with technical tranny tricks!

My favourite park would have to be a tie between Louisville extreme park in Kentucky, which has a full pipe, many huge bowls, a vert ramp, and a fun street section too! The other park is definitely Banzai skatepark where Roxzi and I spent most of our day skating in Hawaii before it got closed for renovation. They added an entire street section along with a bowl and bigger bowl that is so easy to get speed in!

Jordan rides an 8 inch blank blue deck with Indy trucks, 56mm Bones wheels and Bone Swiss bearings.

Check out some more photos from the day!


Interview by Shelley-Georgia Yates







Camp WeSC Photos by Jason Lewer

Photographer, Fabric Skateboards rider & beard enthusiast Jason Lewer came along to Camp WeSC in Hull last week to coach and take pretty snaps of everyone, here are a selection from the girls who took part at Rock City & Ferriby Skateparks. Featuring Marion Fernande, Kirsty Tonner, Danni Gallacher, Maisie Kelly, Ellie Grant and more!

Check out more of Jasons work here, and watch him rip in his most recent video part welcoming him to Brixton clothing…

Jigsaw Junior Shoot at Frontside Gardens


We recently helped Jigsaw Junior find tiny skater girls to model their new range for a photo shoot at Frontside Gardens, and thought that Emily Holt (7) and Ione Atkinson (6) fit the profile perfectly.

Take a look at some of the snaps from the day and this behind the scenes clip!

Cute is not the word!!





Camp WeSC Week 1: Hull

As a last minute decision on sunday night, I was (easily) pursuaded to head down to Hull to join Camp WeSC for a day of skating and fun. After the kids arrived one by one, we were eager to get skating and headed off to Rock City Skatepark.


Upon arrival we were stoked to get skating. Rock City offered something for all of the campers of varying abilities and styles, from a ‘mini mini’ half pipe, to rails, a bowl and a coin. We were all blown away by the progress that we saw each other make, from the first day to the last. What was clear on this camp, was the growing number of girls with us! Throughout the 5 days we were there, we were graced with the company of 14 girls coming from Sheffield to Scarborough and Oxford, and ranging from the age of 9 to 37, showing you’re never too old or young to skate!

On day one, we were joined by the lovely Sacha and Chloe from Sheffield, in which we saw Chloe transition from feeling reluctant to drop in, to her dropping in on her own and doing rock fakies.  We also got the other Chloe switching from her blades to a board, and she ended up with some rad rock fakies in the bowl. The progress got us all hyped to skate!

The same atmosphere was continued for the girls on day 2 & 3 in which we were joined by 5 girls from Oxford who were keen for a skate. We quickly saw them dropping in on the mini, doing rock fakies, bertslides, and attempting ollies on the coin! One of the girls even dropped in on the 5ft mini and nearly had rock fakies, and this was only her 4th ever time on a skateboard! As always, cool to see girls learning new tricks.


Showing some steez for the younger girls were Georgia (age 9) and Freya (age 12) of Sheffield. They were showing some impressive skill for the girls with Georgia nailing Feeble Fakies and Freya rocking kickflips. One to definitely keep an eye out for is 12 year Maisie from Scarborough who showed some girl power when she broke her thumb on the first day of camp and had a fun trip to hospital. Despite this, she powered through and skated with one useful hand, and even beat some of the boys on camp in a game of Skate! Maisie showed some rad progress on camp, learning fakie shuvits, rock fakies, fakie rocks, 50-50s, tail stalls and dropped off the coin. We were super proud of the progress she made, and she couldn’t wait to practice her new skills on the concrete half pipe back in Scarborough!


Maisie still looking kick ass in A&E!

Also joining us was the lovely Marion, who killed it going for kickflips over the coin gap! Coaches Danni and Kirsty were also happy to show their progress, as they learnt a load of new tricks. Kirsty showed some great skill when mastering hippy jumps, Backside Flips, Ollie Rocks and Danni learned how to Nollie 180, Front Shuv, Half Cab Flip and even got into the final of the game of Skate with the lads!

photo (4)

Ed’s S.K.A.T.E scorecard! Check our girls winning!

photo (10)

Of course, this week was not just about the girls. We saw Ed nailing ollies over the bench, Joe with no complies on the coin, Alex getting double heelflips, Brad landing kickflips and Luke winning the camp game of skate and getting nose manuals with a 180 out on the ledge. A whole range of skills were shown from everyone, from both the kids and pros. For me personally, the camp was an incredible week which got me hyped to learn new things; so much so that i ended up staying the entire week after intending to stay for one day. The entire camp showed progress and above all, had fun. There was no better end to an amazing week than a skatepark bbq with the campers. It was safe to say that no one wanted to go home… Bring on Easter 2015!

The next stop for the camp is in Truro from Monday 11th of August. Email campwescuk@gmail.com to get involved for the day or for the full 5 days.

photo 1photo (6)image_16photo 2photo 3photo 1photo 2photo 3

Camp WeSC UK – Week One in Hull


This Friday saw the last day of the WeSC Summer Camp in Hull. We’re so proud to be associated with the event and have some of our team helping out and coaching too.. With week one over we’re super stoked and now gearing up for week two down in Truro! There are still a few places left on the camp too, so if you’re still up for the trip, even if just for the day, hit up campwescuk@gmail.com or call 07868754856 between 10am – 6pm.

12 girls attended this week’s camp with skaters of all abilities from beginners to veterans. Keep an eye on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages for regular updates from the ground but here are our top pics from the first week. Bring on week two!

Van Doren Invitational 2014: Women’s Finals FULL Gallery

Absolute NEXT LEVEL skating from Huntington Beach in the Vans Doren invitational comp. Feast your eyes on the likes of Alysha Bergado, Lizzie Armanto, Justyce Tabor, Hunter Long, Nicole Haus, Nora Vasconcellos and more in this video of the finals in California. Props to Lizzie for taking 1st place (straight after an anwful knee injury that has seen her on the bench for most of the year!) and mega props to Mimi Knoop for making the womens competition happen! Check out the results & full gallery below!


1st: Lizzie Armanto
2nd: Alanna Smith
3rd: Julz Lynn

Photos by Brandon Means from Transworld