UK Girl Skate Jam review and full gallery online now!!

013_Julia_FlipThe Girl Skate Jam is the longest established female skateboarding competition in the UK, this being it’s 13th outing – again held at the Pioneer Skate Park in St Albans. 38 girls and ladies entered in all with more turning up to get a chance to roll around the park in the 2 hour jam.

“So many little ones turned up to watch the older girls that it seemed only fair to give them their own comp. This was swiftly followed by the under 18′s comp with Brighton local Josie Millard hammering away at tricks. this girl has super nice style (pretty much verging on ninja…) and it was great to watch her landing the backside flip on the bank and her clean flip up the step up.

There were so many girls entered into the over 18′s comp that it made it pretty difficult for the judges to decide. Black eye of the day went to Fran who up until the point of her accident had been skating really well – but face planting the floor never unfortunately helps anyones cause!

Weather had looked a bit dicky all day and of course within 10 minutes of being outside on the miniramp it pelted it down. The majority of the riders had at least got one run in. But Julia Brueckler’s back to back tricks (involving switch blunts!) pretty much nailed it for her.

The last group comp of the day was the sponsored event and tricks just went down. It was to be the head to head between Austria’s Julia Brueckler and Lucy Adams that really rounded off the day. So many tricks went down that I had to email the girls afterwards just to get an idea of what they had done! Over all Julia landed the most tricks and was awarded first place.

Amazing day and fun times were had down the pub afterwards with a early happy birthday drink to Girl Skate UK’s Danni Gallacher.

A big thank you has to go out to all of the sponsors – Chocolate, Lakai, Death, Animal, Rogue, Nikita, Roam and Seek, Rubicon, Vans, Rokeo, Cooler and Story…plus Andrew Selby for the hand crafted trophies (amazing results year on year!).

A massive thank you also has to go out to all the volunteers who continue to make this comp the success it is – Leigh, Kat, Charlie, Beckie, Matt, Wil, Ali, Glen, Ben, Marguerite and Geoff. And the Management Committee – Sue, Annette, Anne and Andy K – at Pioneer Skatepark for helping make it such a good day. Thanks guys!!”

Words & Photography by Jenna Selby. Check out the full results below & for a more extensive review including all the tricks that went down, head over to the Sidewalk site here!


1st – Julia Brueckler
2nd – Lucy Adams
3rd – Emma Fastesson Lindgren

Over 18:
1st – Anita Almonte
2nd – Charlotte Thatcher
3rd – Aimy Brady

Under 18:
1st – Josie Millard
2nd – Savannah Keenan
3rd – Lucy Tomlin

1st – Georgia Scott
2nd – Emily Holt
3rd – Tabitha Saunders

1st – Julia Brueckler
2nd – Lucy Adams
3rd – Aimy Brady



This gallery contains 55 photos.

Sorry it’s taken a while to get these shots by David Lawrie up on the site, we have been SUPER busy skateboarding this month and have hardly been at home! We have however managed to put together a few clips of our … Continue reading

Bay Sixty6 Girls Night TOMORROW


Don’t forget that the FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH is girls only night at Bay Sixty6 Skatepark!
Skate with the likes of Helena Long, Georgie Winter, Carla Von Marx, Anita Almonte and loads of other lady rippers from 7:30pm until 10pm tomorrow on Acklam Road, London.

Keep up to date on the girls sessions via the Bay Sixty6 Facebook page.

Take a look at some photos from previous nights by Shov It Mag editor April Whitlow on her Website & more on her Facebook page.


Click here to see the full gallery…

Sadie Osborne Talks Push The Prom


We can’t thank Skate Girls Productions enough for filming for the Push The Prom event we hosted last weekend alongside Lucy Adams, and the super quick turn around of the edit. Sadie did a great job whilst her partner in crime Rosie was away for the week, and really fulfilled her brief of capturing the fun and carefree day that was had by all.

We caught up with Sadie for a chat on her experience of the day and how she went about filming the event…

“This was my first Go Skate Day where I was involved in something truly moving.

I had travelled 3 hours to Brighton to be a part of Girl Skate UK’s Push the Prom. I automatically felt comfortable with the girls that were already there who organized the event.

The atmosphere was enlightened when more girls arrived at Hove Lagoon. I have never seen so many girl skaters before, It was amazing as very single one of them had a smile on their face. Everyone was helping anyone, whether it was sharing skate news from hometowns or showing each other how to do a trick. 20140627-002427.jpgI wanted to capture every aspect of the day so I went with the idea of shooting through the eyes of an attendee. I felt this was important because then you can really get a feel of what it was like to be there and hopefully get stoked for next year!!
Filming the girls was far from difficult, everyone was so natural around me, never got annoyed at me being in anyone’s way, they welcomed me and helped me out. Sometimes I forgot I was filming when capturing insane tricks they pulled.

The main feeling that I got from the day I can only describe as; Family.
I honestly felt like all the people who attended Push the Prom were like a giant family. A family that you want to be a part of. A coming together of strangers that have just met but instantly click. 20140627-002412.jpg
Any body that skates or just love skating would love this event! This is the place where you can practice new and old tricks, be inspired by other skaters, fall on your ass and not get embarrassed and meet new people who love skateboarding and who will give you their support!

Because I was documenting the day I got the chance to see everything progress and unfold. I got to watch and capture all the emotions and the togetherness of the day. There was never a dull moment. There was endless talent, talent that I have never seen before and now am eager to see more! 20140627-003911.jpgThis is what Skate Girls Productions is all about, giving these girls out there the chance to show what they can do! Also to enlighten people around the world of this hidden talent using media technologies such as video and photography.

Alongside Girl Skate UK we want to show everyone what a fantastic day this was, how it managed to make a difference to all the girls that joined and gave them a day where they could take their passion and show it to the world!
It was truly amazing to watch a group of girls who barley knew each other come together so fluently over a passion they all held. Skateboarding.

I feel privileged to have been given the chance to capture it all.

- Sadie Osborne, one half of Skate Girls Productions

If you missed the edit, check it out here!

Push The Prom Footage!

Well, it’s been 3 days since we left Brighton after a full 48 hours of sun, sea and skateboarding and we are still buzzing. Our Push The Prom event celebrated International Go Skateboarding Day and marked the first official day of summer on June 21st. Over 100 skaters from up and down the country came to join us for our Push The Prom event on Saturday. The sun was shining down and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it literally couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Kirsty Tonner had the driving duties, and covered an impressive 225 miles from Sheffield to Brighton with Marion Fernande from France, Stoney Shi from China, Ayumi Powell from Japan, and myself in tow. We arrived late Friday night and stayed with Wings Chan & Fei Phoon at Wings’s university dorm. A lucky few had wooden chairs to sleep on whilst the rest made camp on the floor of the kitchen! 20140625-023532.jpg

After a somewhat cramped nights sleep, we got ourselves to the park for 8:30am and met Lucy Adams and Josie Millard who were busy getting things set up. Lucy dashed off for an interview with BBC Sussex about the event whilst the rest of us got busy.

With the PA set up and the table of goodies laid out, we were all ready and waiting, 10am strolled around and only 10 or so girls were there.. It was a little nerve racking thinking that months of planning, arranging permits, funding & flat out promotion hadn’t drawn in quite the crowd we had hoped, when seemingly out of nowhere skaters were turning up by the dozen.

Lucy got cracking with the teaching, gathering up the beginners for their first lesson whilst I hovered between groups asking the girls what they’d like to learn in the day. Our youngest skaters were Poppy & Betty, both 5 years old and getting well stuck in!

The progression competitions were loads of fun with comps taking place on the flat bank and over the hip. Prizes were chucked out for anyone trying something totally new, it was rad seeing the girls really pushing themselves!
Charlotte Thatcher landed her first fakie heel flip on a bank, Claire Thompson was trying fakie tres and Marion won a Fabric deck for her kickflip over the hip that she had been battling with all day. Carla, Josie and Anita just banged out trick after trick whilst the newer skaters tried going down the ramps for the first time. Ella wood, a regular at Lucy’s Brighton She Shredder sessions surprised herself by learning how to go down the ramp fakie! So rad!20140625-023958.jpg

Olympic and XGames medalist Jenny Jones even popped along to check out the skating and pick up a few tips! She stuck around to hand out prizes, the coolest being a cruiser set up from Hoopla won by birthday girl Carla Von Marx!

We gathered the troops around 1:30pm and embarked on our 3 mile skate along the promenade. There were SO many people skating with us, and loads more met us along the way that when we stopped off for ice cream the head count was creeping up to 100! We reckon It must’ve been the most amount of skateboarders Brighton seafront had ever seen in one place, loads of people stopped to take photos of the stampede!

A silver surfer named Liz in her 60s was skating an old school longboard and sporting a blue ankle length skirt with yellow blazer combo, making us all feel a little under dressed for the occasion!

We finished the day with a girls
Mini ramp competition at The Level Skatepark Jam, where we met yet more girl skaters! One being 7yr old Hannah Maxwell from London who always draws a big crowd wherever she skates, busting out Tuck Knee grabs and 540 Bertslides all over the place. 20140625-030420.jpg

Lucy had been a little nervous in the morning at the thought of being on the mic but she absolutely smashed it all day and no one would ever have thought it was her first time! Nice one Luce!

After all of the girls comps we had sooo many prizes that we literally couldn’t give them all away, so donated some to the bowl jam that was taking place. It was great to see some of the girls were getting stuck in to the guys competitions too and totally holding their own.

Loads of us headed to the beach to soak up the last of the sun before heading to the after party for the Boardettes premiere. The rest of the night was spent drinking beers on the beach with live music and good company. A perfect end to a perfect day.

We asked some of the girls what they thought, check out what they had to say!

Just amazing to see soooo many girls out!!! Think the boys at The Level didn’t know what hit them.” – Tracy Gray

It was such an uplifting feeling being a part of such a welcoming and positive event. Skating along the prom you could see the sight of a massive troop of happy skaters bringing smiles to the faces of Brighton. Awesome day, thanks!Zoe Holland

“I loved that there were longboarders and skateboarders combined, that the age range was from as young as 5yrs old having a go at the lagoon to over 60yrs pushing the prom, that a lot of guys took part in the push too, and even though the prom is a rough old route we were laughing so much – oooohhhh, and the pure pleasure of rolling onto the smooth bits at last!!” Sabina Edwards

“I had such a good day! It was great to see so many girls encouraging new comers! It was definitely one of the best girl skate events I’ve been to. I am so hyped for next year :) and I think that everyone killed it!” – Claire Thompson, Rogue Skateboards & Animal UK

“Very inspirational day, to skate with all the girls from all abilities and see a fast growing family of skateboarding! Such a rad day can’t wait for next year!”
- Charlotte Thatcher
HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF OUR SPONSORS AND TO EVERYONE WHO CAME! Nice one Kirsty, Wings, Marion, Stoney, Josie, Ayumi, Sadie, David, Ricardo, Suz & Sheree for helping out! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support, Lucy and I are so stoked! 20140625-034119.jpg
Special thanks to Sadie of Skate Girls Productions who came to document the event, watch the edit above – we think it really captures the spirit of the day, and the level of participation!

We’ll have an online gallery from our photographer David up next week, once we’re home from the Girl Skate Jam at Pioneer on Saturday.

Summer has officially started and we have so much to look forward to!

Danni x

Girls jam at Exist Skatepark – PHOTOS!

Exist skatepark in Swansea was host to it’s first girls skate jam on 31st May, with around 20 girls of all ages and abilities in attendance.
The afternoon started with a jam giving the girls a chance to get a feel for the park, followed by a comp for the younger girls to show off their skills, many of which are quickly progressing, attending regular lessons at the park with owner Ric.

This included Nessa, Emily and event organiser Jono’s daughter Ione amongst others looking confident on the ramps with Emily Holt taking first place, winning herself a light up cruiser. Lots of the girls also won prizes for their efforts and all seemed fully stoked on the day.

Next, the more experienced girls took to the park with lots of encouragement for each other making for a very friendly vibe.

20140610-102205.jpgFran Stroud came in third with a 50-50 and boardslide. Georgie Winter took second place flying around the park at pace getting high up the vert wall and landing some some clean kickflips.

20140610-103141.jpgDora Horvarth stole the show with a well deserved first place landing 360 flips, frontside flip and nollie big spin to name a few, all with a huge smile on her face as always. The event wound up with a mini ramp session where Emily Russell came into her own, claiming the best trick prize for a blunt to tail stall.

20140610-103047.jpgThe event was a huge success, it was amazing to see so many young girls dropping in and rolling into big ramps and all the girls left hyped on skateboarding.

Many thanks go to Jono Atkinson for organising the event, Ric and the guys at Exist and the sponsors which included girl’s brands Rogue and Rokeo.

Keep your eyes peeled for footage!

Words by Fran Stroud

8 Female Skaters that made and changed history

Mpora recently compiled a list of Female skateboarders who have influenced and shaped the scene as we know it today. 20140603-151105-54665030.jpg

The article features 8 of the best females from around the world to have ever picked up a board. These rad women also represent a whopping 5 different decades! There is even UK representation from none other than Lucy Adams…. Check the article for more, and get a little bit of a history lesson along with some amazing photos from the past 50 years.



We are SUPER excited to announce our first ever official event in celebration of International Go Skate Day next month in Association with Brighton & Hove Skateparks Association and supported by Brighton longboard Ladies. Titled ‘Push The Prom’, we plan on doing exactly that, gathering up an army of skaters to cruise along the Brighton Promenade with fun skate sessions either side!Push-The-Prom-Poster-webbrightonparkWe will be kicking the day off at Hove Lagoon Skatepark where we will be giving skate lessons alongside Lovenskates very own Lucy Adams, the UK’s no.1 Female Skateboarder. Fun competitions will follow, with a prize giving shortly before heading off along the Promenade.

We will be continuing our celebrations at The Level Skate Park where we will have a bit of a skate and watch the other events that are going on. We’ll also be giving away prizes throughout the day to the girls we feel are really pushing themselves and having loads fun along the way, so make sure you get involved! 


For those older ones, there will be an after party at Fortune Of War bar on the beach, with live music & a premiere of the Boardettes film, ‘She Shreds’ – Blurb below….

” A short film following UK professional skater, Lucy Adams as she teaches and introduces women of all ages to the world of skateboarding. Following Sportitave’s Brighton She Shredders as they gather each week to develop their skills, the film explores what it is about this adrenaline packed sport that gets you hooked for life”

MASSIVE thanks to everyone who got involved in helping to make this event happen, big up to Lucy Adams and Brighton & Hove Skateparks Association, Boardettes, Brighton Longboard Ladies, Brighton She Shredders, Sports Development, Kamikazee Boarding,  AND all of our sponsors – Vans, Man Up Girl! Lovenskate, Story Clothing, Pinkwavetees, Stance Socks, Hoopla, Pinkwavetees, Keen Dist, Thrashion, Cooler, Sidewalk Mag, Shiner, Brahboys, Rokeo & Level Skateboards.

With all these guys on board you can be sure that prizes will be in abundance! We’ll make sure everyone goes home with a little something so come on down & enjoy the fun!
Skate Girl Productions will be there documenting the event too, so come along for a Go Skate Day to remember!

This event is absolutely free, so there’s no excuse not to gather up your friends and come along to celebrate ‘International Go Skateboarding Day!’
Boys are more than welcome to join in with Push The Prom (the more the merrier!) but the lessons are for the girls only.

We will also have a little pop up shop selling event t-shirts (a very special Girl Skate UK and Pinkwavetees collab!!) homemade wax & some freshly printed limited edition Lovenskate gear made especially for us, so don’t forget to bring your pocket money!

Meet us at Hove Lagoon bright and early, lessons will start at 10am… Check out the rough schedule below!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, come and join us to PUSH THE PROM!


Rough Schedule: Obviously times are subject to change, (you can’t trust our British weather!) But we will keep you all informed if anything changes via Facebook and Instagram so make sure you’re following us to keep up to date!


- 10AM: Girls Lessons at Hove Lagoon Skate park
- 11:30AM: Progression Competition/Prize Giveaways
- 1PM: Rally together for a skate along the Sea Front
- 2PM: Stop off for some lunch & ice creams en route
- 3PM: Head along to The Level skate park for a Jam!


- 7PM: Make our way to Fortune of War bar for an after party!
- 9PM: Boardettes Premiere of ‘She Shreds’
- 10PM: Roots Garden Crew
-11:30PM: JFB (Breaks & Beats – a very well known Brighton name)
-1AM:  Legion of Dub (Rasric and Ed Snug)

Keep an eye on the countdown timer on the homepage so you can keep track of how many days until the event! We’re so excited and can’t wait to see you there!

Head over to our Facebook page and join us to Push The Prom!

Little Ladies #3: Tabitha Sanders, 5yrs



Tabs got into skating totally by chance, one day she just decided she wanted a skateboard, and after a session at Empire Skatepark shortly after her 5th birthday, was hooked! She didn’t even know anybody who skateboards, but was just drawn to the idea!!

Tabby is a very determined rider and will try things over and over again to get them right, but she’s also very relaxed about it and doesn’t get annoyed if she can’t figure something out right away!

Tabs just loves the friends she has made at the skatepark, her favourite people to skate with are the kids who skate at the group sessions on a Saturday morning.
There is a big age range but somehow she slots her 5-year-old self in very well, and spends a LOT of her time chatting and watching everyone’s new tricks! Lewis Hall, Harry Wilson & Lee Blackwell have been amazing help, every time they see Tabby they encourage her so much. She loves those guys!

We’ve heard Tabitha is REALLY looking forward to the All Girl Skate Jam in June… and we look forward to meeting you too Tabby!

Keep Shredding!

Name: Tabitha Sanders
Date of Birth: 17th November 2008
Location: Essex
Stance: Regular
Set up: Second hand bits & pieces put together by the guys at the local skatepark! 
 Years / months riding: 3 months
Favourite trick: Dropping in!
Favourite UK Skate Park: Empire Skatepark in Colchester, Essex
What do you love about skating? It’s really fun, there are loads of things to learn and all the friends I’ve made at the skatepark.
Other hobbies: Reading, gymnastics, doing the monkey bars, watching movies.
What was the last song that you listened to? Pharrell “Happy”

Keep shredding Tabitha!!