Septembers Skate Happenings

It may have come around a little too quick for our liking but WOW, is September making some sweet skateboarding promises… Check out our guide for the month, with skate jams & comps happening every weekend!!


The first Friday of every month the ladies of London gather at Bay Sixty6 on Acklam Road for a girls only shred and this month we will be joining them! Come along for an evening of skateboarding and meet loads of new friends.




level skate jamWe’ll be heading along to this summers second jam at the Level Skatepark (remember our Push The Prom event for Go Skateboarding Day?)

There will be a girls competition will be kicking off at some point in the afternoon so get down to watch  Lucy Adams, Josie Millard, Wings Chan and more ladies shredding!

With music all day and a £500 prize purse, it’s set to be a good one!

For more information check out the event Facebook page here!


REVOLUTIONGIRLSPOSTERGirl Skate UK teamed up with Revolution Skate Park to host the FIRST ever girls skate jam in Broadstairs. Join us for a full day of skateboarding, fun competitions & spot prizes.
Expect the likes of Lucy Adams, Lois Pendlebury, Dani Mellor & Helena Long!

Coaching will be available in the first hour to anyone who would like to try skateboarding for the first time, or just to brush up on some skills!

Just £10 to skate from 10AM until 10PM!

Head over to our Facebook event page and join us!


buszyposter Social Saturday! Head down to The Buszy skate plaza in Milton Keynes at Midday on the 13th September.

Get involved in the skate jam, with fun competitions with spot prizes from their sponsors given out throughout the day!

12PM – 4PM

This event is hosted by FBBB

Check the website for more info on the days events!


UNICORNUnigirlz in association with Sidewalk Magazine, Girl Skate UK and Parlour Skatestore would like to invite you to the second Unicorn Jam!

The comp will be carried out in two categories, basic and advanced level, followed by a Best Trick comp over the hip and a boys Best Trick comp. We’ll also be holding Graff comp for female artists only!

Loads of prizes and a super tasty BBQ with great music throughout the day!

See the Facebook page for more info!



 Hula down to Central Park Skatepark in Plymouth at midday and take part in this super fun HAWAIIAN THEMED skate jam hosted by our very own Stef Nurding!

For guys & gals of all ages & abilities, you can expect best trick & longest ollie comps as well as a prize for best dressed!

There’ll be a BBQ on site so you can get a warm bite to eat apres Skate.

We can’t wait to see the photos from this!

Join the Facebook Page here.


The LAST THURSDAY of each month sees Pumpcage in Manchester filled with keen ladies of all ages & abilities!

Come on down & get involved, but first, watch the edit we made of Julys girls night featuring Marion Fernande, Dani Mellor & more!


Camp WeSC UK Hull Summer skate edit!

The footage from the Summer skate camp at Rockcity Skatepark for Camp WeSC UK is now online!

Check the edit above featuring Kirsty Tonner, Danni Gallacher, Marion Fernande, Ellie Grant, Maisie Kelly and loads more!
You can recap on the week with a write up from Ellie Grant and some lovely Photos from Jason Lewer!

Look out for our Truro edit next week featuring Helena Long!

To sign up for the Easter Skate camp at Rockcity Skatepark head over to WWW.CAMPWESCUK.COM – There are discounts for our readers so drop an email to CAMPWESCUK@GMAIL.COM for more info.

See you there next year!


Patti McGee5Patti McGee was born August 23, 1945, and won the worlds first ever Woman’s National 1965 Skateboard Championships in Santa Monica, and was also the worlds first ever female professional skateboarder!

Her skating career started early when her brother built her first skateboard in wood shop from her own shoe skate as a surprise where she went on to set the world record for the fastest girl on a skateboard at 47mph during Dick Clark’s World Teen Fair 1964 held at the Orange County fairgrounds in California.

Patti just oozes originality & coolness as can be seen in these old photoographs…

Patti McGee was featured on the cover of Life magazine May 14, 1965 and the cover of the fourth issue of Skateboarder in October 1965 and was the first female to ever be inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame!

Patti, you are a skateboarding legend and we wish you many happy birthdays to come!

For more of Patti, check out this vintage footage!

Lucy Adams Top 5 Parks


In light of the recent House of Vans opening, The Guardian caught up with Lovenskate & Skate Pharmacy rider Lucy Adams to get the lo down on her favourite parks in the country.

Making the list is The Level in Brighton, where we ended up at our Push the Prom event earlier this summer and also Projekts in Manchester that hold girls only nights on the LAST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH!
Watch Last months edit below!

To check out what other parks made Lucy’s top five simply click here to be redirected….

Revolution Girls Skate Jam

Girl Skate UK is pleased to announce Revolution Skateparks first ever Girls Skate Jam!

Join us on Sunday 7th September 2014 for a girls only session from 12pm until 4pm, for just £10 you can skate ALL DAY from 10am until 10pm!

Revolution is a huge indoor skate park in Broadstairs, Kent.
Built over two warehouses, with a recent refurb, this park boasts a big street course, separate ramp room (as pictured in the event photo) a bowl, a midi ramp & a mini bowl (and we mean mini!) 

Take a look at the park & ramp room here…

Check their instagram stream for recent more photos

There will be informal competitions with LOADS of prizes up for grabs!

Sponsors include Rogue Skateboards, Milk Skateboards, Fabric Skateboards, Sidewalk Mag, Etnies, Lovenskate, Camp WeSC, Story Clothing, Jimmy’z, Man Up Girl! Brahboys, Stance Socks, Thrashion, Roam & Seek, Altar Skate Shop & more!!

For more information you can email us at
Or you can contact Revolution Skatepark directly at, alternatively you can call on 01834 866707

Please help us to spread the word!

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Volcom: True To This

Volcom have recently released episode one of their new series True to This. Episode 1 The Spiritual Intoxication marks a turning point in the evolution of the brand and explores an updated, passionate and forward-thinking vision of it’s future ahead. It builds on it’s 23 year history and demonstrates it’s desire to continue growing with new faces, new achievements and styles.


Volcom has undergone an extensive transformation over the past several years and our new brand identity is yet another action that compliments and expresses our core values as we start a new chapter,” said Chief Executive Officer Jason Steris. “The goal for us is to build on the foundation of board riding and to deliver a focused global message that will remain unique, authentic and connect with the millennial consumer.” Steris noted that the company’s iconic black and white Stone logo will not change.

In its early years the Volcom ethos claimed freedom from established norms through self-expression in board-sports, art, music and film. The inherent subtext was a message of authenticity and relentless passion that aimed to drive athletes and artists to ever higher levels of all-consuming competition or creativity. This now forms the new foundation for the brand as the generation that formerly embraced an independent anti-establishment sentiment is succeeded by one that is driven to be increasingly connected and determined to build a better future.

There are finite moments of consciousness that occur when what we are doing at that very moment perfectly aligns with who we are, creating a feeling of exhilaration that is deeply personal,” said Ryan Immegart, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “Athletes, artists and musicians experience this momentary idyllic state when all of the training, practice and hard work translate to moments of pure presence and clarity. We call these moments of spiritual intoxication, places in time when one is completely and wholly consumed. This spiritual state is the essence of our `True To This ́ message.”

This film is the first part of a new series of short films that will be released on a monthly basis through December 2014.

RIP Jay Adams

The world recently lost an icon, a legend, a pioneer and a rebel. Jay Adams, one of the OG Zephyr team members who helped transform skateboarding from an on-land way to practice surfing to what it is today, died this past week at the age of 53. His rebellious streak and wild personality embodies a side of skateboarding still seen today. Often described by his peers as the greatest skater they ever saw, a seemingly effortless natural style teamed with an unabashed, fearless and erratic approach saw him inimitable and upped his status to one that was almost godlike.


As with all high profile deaths (and there’s been a lot recently) it’s easy to report on the death with details but we want to focus on Jay’s legacy and achievements in skateboarding. Despite some difficult stages in his life, struggles with drugs and unforgivable actions covered in his rap sheet, just under a decade ago he got clean and began living a positive life, choosing to turn things around and get back to what he loved most, skateboarding. He reconnected with his old teammates and peers for the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys and also became involved in the biographical drama film about their skate beginnings in Lord of Dogtown. After years of struggling with addiction and time behind bars, it’s such a shame to see him taken before his time when he was finally living life to the fullest again. RIP Jay Adams.

Here are some videos we like of Jay to celebrate him and his life: