The New Vans Girls Zine for A14

It’s always a great moment when you see Vans Girls release their new zine. Each season they run a special online zine previewing their new styles and offerings for the season as well as their influences for the collections. They always feature interviews with rad, inspirational ladies and include staff favourite picks for the season. We love to see women’s voices and our preferences/opinions heard. Vans is passionate about representing women in the scene and they continue to rep harder than most other brands.


Check out some sneak peeks of the A14 collection below and head to the zine page here

Vans Girls now sell their full collections directly in the UK. Check your local skate stores first and ask them if they’ll stock your smaller size or if you have any requests. Failing that, support your independent skate or street stores online or buy directly from the Vans official UK site.

Thrashion’s New Solid Silver Jewellery Range Is Out Now!

The awesome skate craft brand Thrashion have released a new range of premium pieces which are now available exclusively on their website.

This new range of jewellery is different from the recycled skate ranges they’re widely known for and features a skateboard ‘bearing’ inspired design which has been designed by Creative Director/Designer Nat Rigby and hand cast in solid silver.

The solid silver pieces have already being creating a buzz online for their original use of recycled and broken skateboards, creating a delicate and high end way to wear a piece of discarded wood.

Thrashion have been making jewellery and other innovative products since 2007, finally creating an online presence in 2009. Today Thrashion recycles 50% of the UK skateboarding industry’s skateboards through their studio in Cornwall.

You can now see and purchase the new designs exclusively on their website

Keep up to date with them online here: InstagramFacebookTwitter

Vans X Peanuts Collection

Vans have been doing a lot of rad collaborations recently, such as the releases of the Star Wars series and the Beatles limited editions, and July does not dissappoint! Way back when in 1983, Vans produced a wicked series of your favourite shoes with none other than the Peanuts gang, solely for the opening of ‘Camp Snoopy’ amusement park in California, and were sold exclusively at the park. 20140704-155919-57559958.jpg
2014 brings them back from the ‘Vans Vault’ and they are available in a couple of prints (Snoopy and the Gang, and his alter ego Joe Cool) and also in varying Vans styles. They have also produced them right down to a toddlers size so would be perfect for you young rippers out there, and those of you with tiny toes!
Click here to head to the Vans site for the full range, ready to hit shops anytime soon!


What Should A Skater Girl Look Like?


Cooler Magazine speaks to Lucy Adams in their latest Question Time: ‘What Should A Girl Skater Look Like?’

“It will be a crying shame if skateboarding goes the way that surfing is with regards to being as sexy and feminine as possible to market product and brands. I don’t think it will ever go as far as surfing but I definitely feel that it is happening more within skateboarding.

There are certainly more and more girl skaters that are pushing the boundaries for the most short shorts and low cut tops. I have respect for people doing what they want and dressing in a way which makes them feel good – it’s definitely the wearer, not the starer.”

Read the full article here…

Lois Pendlebury: Planet Notion Shoot


Inspired by 80′s and 90′s skate, Photographer Liz Seabrook and stylist Sara Wilson spent a day with skater Lois Pendlebury. Cruising round the diverse paths of Hackney Wick: from car parks to colourful street corners. While snapping shots, they also had some time to get a quick Q&A in with the gnarly gal.

” I have so many great friends, and meet lots of inspirational folk because of skating, and I have skating to thank for many, many memorable experiences, opportunities and travels. Skateboarding is fundamental.”

Videographer, Ben Marshall captured it all on film, head over to the Planet Notion website to have a look, and to read the Q&A with Lois… Thlink is below! OUTFIT-4-Lois021_bw_750

From Planet Notion:


Lucy’s Open Letter to Marie Claire

lucy by olivia

Last month saw a controversial article by Marie Claires Nellie Eden on the opening night of the HTC skatepark on the very fashionable Oxford Street. The article caused an uproar from guys & gals alike and within 20 minutes of posting our ‘Sort it Out, Marie Claire’ article, the original text was taken down from their website.

In an open letter, Lucy Adams addresses Nellie Eden directly, and questions the type of role model that Marie Claire are proposing to their readers.
The letter is quite long, and you should go read the full text over on the crossfire site, but you can read a couple of snippets below…

“During a week’s break abroad, I tapped into the world wide web one day and was bombarded with SM notifications, texts and emails about an article that Nellie Eden had posted on the Marie Claire website. Being late to the party, I was unable to read Nellie’s instructions on how to dress and behave in order to pick up ones hot, single skater date, as it had already been removed from the MC site, but I got the general gist that the feature had caused a bit of a stir. Having read the article on my return, Crossfire asked me to put across my point of view

If I was one of the young and impressionable girls that make up MC’s readership I might have read this nonsense and missed out on the opportunity to try an activity that has led me to travel the world, meet lifelong friends and improve my fitness, health and well being! Explicitly telling young females not to try skateboarding?!
  It is the perfect time to be celebrating and encouraging women’s participation in sport what with the success stories from 2012 and more recently with a British female snowboarder making the front pages of the daily newspapers! 

So Nellie, you’re welcome to our ankle swingers and sportswear brand skate shoes. You can have our bucket hats and £80 hoodies. You can even have our plaid shirts and weed leaf socks, but don’t, whatever you do, try to dissuade young female girls to try something positive. It’s something that will help them experience rad times like never before. If you’re a girl skater, or you are a girl who is interested in becoming a skateboarder, or even if you just know a girl who wants to skate, then encourage them to try new things, especially skateboarding - Lucy Adams.”


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Sort it out, Marie Claire

“Now you’re looking the skate part, it’s time to get on board. Not literally. Do not, we repeat, do not, attempt to mount a skateboard unless you are a professional. We tried it once, and it did not end well. If you feel like really blending in then, sure, bring along a deck, but it’s an accessory NOT a mode of transport. Besides that, you’re good to go.”


You might have seen the link we shared over on our facebook page yesterday afternoon from Marie Claire regarding the opening party of the new HTC One park, “So, this is where all the hot single men have been hiding?

Whilst we get that this is obviously supposed to be lighthearted and satirical, we still can’t help but feel a couple of Nellie Eden’s comments were slightly irresponsible, and if even one girl heeds the advice to “never mount a skateboard” then that is one too many skaters lost.

Other females from the skate community (not just skateboarding) have been up in arms about this however, leading to a comments such as…

“It reads straight out of an early 80′s Jackie mag. Your readers deserve better!”


“I honestly cannot believe the audacity of your recent post on skateboarding. Telling females to stand around as an accessory is disgusting. Maybe you could encourage woman to be more than just an object and not drag us back to the 19th century.”


“We are meant to be empowering young women and encouraging them to find outlets which aren’t solely based on appearance. This article is sexist as it is naive, narrow minded and judgemental.”


“This defines all of the attention seeking girls that hang around skateparks. You’re a retard, if you go to skate park for dating you have some social skill problems.”

We couldn’t print some of the other ‘less kind’ comments that we’ve seen as some of our readers are very young, but we can safely say that this article has not gone down well and we have a feeling it will be simply brushed off as an April Fool – lets hope it is!

The whole article in itself is pretty laughable – from the £95 t-shirt to the awful sleeveless leather jacket. If Marie Claire wanted some insight on ‘skate fashion’ they should have looked up Model & Fashion student Stef Nurding, who also happens to be rad on a skateboard! For one of the best selling fashion magazines, we expected better.

Read the original article here

Let us know what you guys think!?

Selfridges x HTC Park opening March 27th

“So, as the free spirit of board culture grips fashion for spring 2014, Selfridges and Dazed have joined forces to present ‘Board Games’, a skate and surf magazine celebrating the landmark retailer’s Board Games takeover.” – Dazed Digital.

Picture 31

From the 27th of March, HTC One are taking over the old Selfridges hotel and turning it into a Skate Park to mark the launch of their new phone. The pop-up skate park is FREE and open to one and all. Take a look at the Trailer here...

In the Selfridges store for the next 6-weeks you’ll find The Board Room containing 1000 world-exclusive skateboards, including 50 very limited editions from the world’s biggest brands. (Although PLEASE don’t buy this overpriced trash, go support your local skater owned shop instead; like Skate Pharmacy, Lost Art & Note to name just a few!!!)

However, if you would like to take advantage of their FREE skatepark, (that is supposed to mimic infamous London skate spots) head down from Thursday 27th March at Old Selfridges Hotel, 1 Orchard Street, London, W1H 6HQ

(I’m sure you all saw the Selfridges article on ‘Fashionable’ skate decks a few weeks ago? If you missed it, click here)

Picture 29Picture 30

UK’s own Lucy Adams has sat down for a chat with Amber Gordon of the ‘Imagine Fashion’ website, on how womens skateboarding has come along in the past 5 years, her favourite cities to skate and who her style icons are!

INTERVIEWNEWOPENERSELFRIDGES-2“For me, skateboarding comes out in most things I do. It influences my music choices, it determines what I wear and most importantly it makes up part of my day every day. Whether that means I’m actually skateboarding, or simply watching skateboard vids or reading skateboard forums/websites/magazines, it definitely consumes a considerable part of my daily life! I’m always thinking about possibilities within skateboarding and always hoping for it to be dry outside so I can go and skate.”

You can read the full interview here, we’d love to know what you guys think of these big, soulless brands jumping on the bandwagon of what we’ve known to be cool for years…!?