A lighthearted blog sharing photos, video clips, event information and what’s going on in the UK girl skateboarding scene, all in one friendly place.

If you have something to tell us about, or if you want to meet with other girl skaters but don’t know where to start, please get in touch! We will try our best to help out and would love to hear from you!

We’re just getting started so keep visiting back to see how we’re getting on!



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  1. Hi, I’m Katie, just starting skating again (used to skate when I was like 10 :D). I don’t know any skaters here in London and I don’t know where to turn so apologies if this is completely irrelevant and annoying. I really want to go for the first ride tomorrow but I’m still missing wheels (student’s cash flow problems at the end of the month..:D). So my question is, do you know anyone in London who has old but rideable wheels to sell for cheap? I would be really grateful for any help… Thanks a million and have a great weekend! Katie

      • Thanks a lot, I was too excited and ended up buying new wheels.. So dry rice and water for the rest of the week it is for me! :D But I’m following on FB now ;)

  2. Hi I’m 14 and I want to start skate boarding but I’m quite shy and I’m abit worried about going to the local park as there are a lot of older people there, especially boys, I don’t have much confidence around people I don’t know… Do you have any advice for me ?? Thanks

  3. Hi to any women skateboarders, I’ve never skateboarded but would love to learn. Am a very young 46 yr old. Can anyone advise me where to buy, what type of board and where can I learn. To be honest I feel a bit embarrassed but what the shell you only live once!


  4. Greetings to Girl Skate UK Team,

    Hope you all are feeling well and healthy

    I am Abdullah from Afghanistan, as I have learned basic skateboarding here in Afghanistan, but I personally don’t have any skateboard to try at home or streets to advance up my skateboarding techniques and to teach skateboarding to some interested kids around our house so if there is any one to grant a skateboard to me, I will appreciate their help.

    Best Regards,


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